Shipping Policy 

"TOTEMS" is handled by a technician from [Tiffany] who is in charge of the finish line.

We present high-performance finish suitable for high jewelry brands. All products are handmade precious metal jewelry manufactured by the head office.

It takes an average of 7-12 business days to deliver to customers after ordering.

A/S and Refund Policy

All orders are 1:1 customized and cannot be exchanged or refunded

simply by changing your mind.

If the product is delivered and shipped with a defect, and you need an A/S or refund,

Please ask for an inquiry 2 to 3 days before you receive it.

All customers may not be able to request a refund if 3 days have passed

since you received the product.

[When purchasing jewelry, please keep the warranty card issued by TOTEMS in a safe place.]

Totems offers indefinite aftercare services to customers with warranty cards.